Are you confused about your small business?

Do you wish you had someone you could talk to who has been there done that and understands what it takes to run a successful small business?

Sometimes your small business doesn’t feel so small.

If you are interested in business guidance or mentoring, I have owned my own company for over twenty years. Two beauty businesses and twenty employees later, I have a love of female owned business. A skin care expert by trade, I know how to build a successful business and love helping women get started with their dreams of becoming their own lovely bad ass boss or help figure out how to find your way back to why you opened in the first place.

If you are feeling excited, frustrated, bored, stumped, or just need an extra set of ears to listen and help guide, I can happily and enthusiastically help you.

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With a deep and highly successful background in nearly all aspects of the beauty business, Alayne White has established herself as an accomplished entrepreneur and a passionate business leader.  Alayne has the unique ability to identify market opportunities and the wonderful creativity to translate those insights into meaningful business results.  Alayne’s openness to help others realize their fullest potential represents an incredible resource to any individual trying to build their sales and profitability; foster dynamically empowered teams; and, frame the critical metrics for sustained operating performance.  Time invested with Alayne promises to help you achieve more and in a partnership that will be honest, direct, and enriching in every way. JERRY WENKER FORMER CEO OF DERMALOGICA AND GLO SKIN BEAUTY

Alayne White is an authentic leader with the ability to connect others to her vision. The foundation of her success is combined with her years of industry and business experience, and a passion and vision to create an elevated experience for her clients.  Alayne White has redefined the “Spa” experience by instead focusing on inner beauty and on well-being.  Through her leadership and a well-trained staff, the customer experience is always consistent and skin-care treatments are far from ordinary. From the moment you walk through her doors, she has created a welcoming space to breathe and disconnect. You will leave feeling beautiful, and nourished inside and out. This experience is reflective of Alayne’s purposeful leadership and evolving vision. LISA BERGERON- FOUNDER OF AWE

Alayne is a brilliant businesswoman and friend … and one hell of a Coach and educator. NEIL DUCOFF- OWNER STRATEGIES