My name is Alayne White and my story is about Beauty- Inner and Outer. It started over forty years ago with outer. Two spas later and a beauty evolution of sorts has taken shape. If you love to spa, head over to my outer beauty website http://www.alaynewhite.com. This is where the outer magic happens that will take you to that luscious inner magic.

But since you have landed here at timetolookup, stick around and play. This is my inner story and it is just starting.

Timetolookup is about reconnecting with time. In this highly digitized world, we have become highly disconnected from face to face, eye to eye contact. Timetolookup is about reconnection. It is a place that houses the stories of what we can do to come together more humanly.

Events, retreat space, writing workshops, superchick gatherings, cooking classes and beauty all housed in one glorious evolving space. This is my version of beauty. Inner beauty produces outer beauty. Both go hand in hand and it is my joy to share and connect other women to have this experience.

if you are interested in any event or renting the space for a retreat, email me for more information. alayne@alaynewhite.com.

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  1. Loved your article “What you learned the past 2 days”. I had a head start on many things but you reminded me to cancel Google!! Thank you!!!!

    Stay healthy and good luck!!!

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