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OK…. A FEW COCKTAILS HERE. (but it was july 4th in bristol, ri….)

7 thoughts on “NOT DRINKING TODAY (AGAIN)”

  1. Wow, I really connected with your piece. Thank you for sharing. You may like the book, A Happier Hour by Rebecca Weller.

    Dawn Grebinar

  2. Hi Alayne! I can relate completely. I went 2 plus years without drinking by choice merely because I thought it best to see if I could stop. I only recently had a cocktail on a trip and i could see myself so easily slipping back into that daily drink or two. The biggest a-ha has come from the realization that my new commitment to Bikram Hot Yoga (3 months in) gives me the same feeling of relaxation. Doesn’t mean I won’t drink ever again because it just doesn’t feel right to think this. For now, time after being on the mat sweating my ass off seems to give me that body wash of relaxation that alcohol once did. Much love!

  3. I enjoyed ready this; every word. Eloquent, honest and ‘sobering’. I wish you the best on your journey.

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